Radan Sturm, a 15-year vet in the fitness/training industry, founded LIFTONIC with one simple goal in mind: to teach weight training exercises in a contemporary, improved, and cutting-edge way. To create a routine that’s fun, uplifting, and more important than anything, effective.


The LIFTONIC studio is located underground in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. Each person works on/around their own personal weights bench, while flat screen TVS project the instructor overhead.


Group fitness is a thriving market, with new methods and trends released all the time, but Radan noticed a gap in the burgeoning field. Cardiovascular exercises such as spin, aerobics and bootcamps may help people initially lose weight, but only a weights resistance-based method helps you actually build and tone muscle — and keep it that way. Weight training is NOT reserved just for bodybuilders or those vying for goliath biceps – lifting increases your metabolism, helps with stubborn areas, improves posture, burns fat, and can even help prevent serious health ailments like cancer and heart disease. It’s beneficial for all shapes, sizes, and genders.


Drawing upon his years of experience, Radan combines only the most effective weights exercises with full body, abdominal/core focused movements, ensuring the mid section is body engaged,s the core to stabilize while allowing your the muscles to work and adapt to increasing levels of resistance safely. Only through this progressive adaption do you get stronger, leaner and more toned. The LIFTONIC studio is custom built for the LIFTONIC method. Participants work on and around their own weights bench using easily adjustable PowerBlock dumbbells while following the instructor (who is being broadcast on 20 LCD flat screens throughout the space). The TVs ensure that the flow and energy of the class is maintained while the constant visual with the instructor makes it easy to keep in tempo while maintaining proper form.


For a limited time, LIFTONIC is offering a special $89 introductory month. Have commitment phobia? No problem – try the class one time for only $17. Come join the underground party, and book your bench here.