Most of us have been making — and breaking — New Year’s resolutions since we were kids. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st each year, it feels like the turning of a page, and a chance to make a change for the better. Whether we strive to quit a vice, pick up a new skill, or change our eating habits, the sad truth is by the time the calendar hits February, 80% of resolutioners will have already broken their pledge. And what’s the No. 1 New Year Oath we make every single year? To get healthier and in better shape.

So how can we combat such a bleak statistic? Let’s take a look at simple, mind-changing ways we can all turn resolutions into reality.

Strive for Progress, not Perfection

In a fast-paced city like New York, the desire for immediate gratification can become an incredibly easy trap to fall into. Psychology studies show that if people don’t see results right away, they are much more likely to give up the pursuit. And while it might take some time before you have those coveted sculpted arms and six-pack abs, the truth is you will start seeing some results rapidly – like enhanced mood and better sleep – and the body WILL follow. That’s why we encourage you to track your progress, and don’t surrender just because you don’t have the perfect bikini body overnight.

Set Benchmark Goals

Reiterating the above point, your end goal might be to lose X amount of pounds or dress sizes, but the key to sustaining your goals to make small changes over time. Set benchmark goals, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you achieve them, motivating you to keep moving forward.

Bring a Friend

Science backs this one up — research from Michigan State University concludes that we actually perform better — and harder — in aerobic activities when we bring a partner. Read the study here. But statistics aside – the real takeaway from this research is that with the right kind of partner (i.e. one that will encourage and not condescend), you can hold each other accountable, and he/she can provide exceptional amounts of willpower and motivation to stay in motion.

Keep it Interesting

Going to the same stagnant weight room day-after-day will become daunting, and frankly, a little stale. Mix up your workouts – not only will it stimulate and entertain your mind, it will challenge your body and different muscle groups. That’s exactly why Radan, the founder and creator of LIFTONIC, revamps his workouts every 6-8 weeks, so your body never becomes complacent and you never get bored.

Go Easy on Yourself

Embarking on a health and fitness regimen isn’t going to make you superhuman, and every single person will slip up from time to time. A weeklong vacation or huge project at work might cause your routine to suffer momentarily, and that’s perfectly OK. Just don’t give up.