Why do we LIFT?


We LIFT to get stronger, leaner, fitter. If you’re coveting toned, lean muscle and a boosted metabolism to keep it that way, pushing your muscles to 100% fatigue will do the trick. That’s why we LIFT – because it’s effective.


But the benefits of weight training extend far beyond what we see in the mirror; research has found a profusion of other health and wellness advantages of resistance training, and they might surprise you. So next time you reach for the dumbbell, remember you’re doing so much for yourself than just toning muscle.


LIFTING Prevents Injury


Weight training will improve the strength and elasticity of not only the muscles worked, but the tendons, ligaments and bones around it.  These muscles, now tougher and denser, will more efficiently hold the body in its proper alignment and protect the bones and joints when in motion, lowering your risk of sudden injury.


LIFTING Improves Bone Health


Just like fatiguing your muscles will spur growth, putting stress on the bones will improve density, lowering your risk for contracting osteoporosis. This is especially imperative for women, as research shows that out of the 10 million Americans who suffer from the bone condition, 80% are women.


Why? Women tend to have smaller, thinner bones, which is why strength training for thicker, more durable bones will greatly diminish the risk of osteoporosis-rated fractures later in life.


LIFTING Makes Your Skin Glow


When we’re young, our skin sports a youthful layer of fat that naturally sheds as we age. Research donates that resistance training can build lean muscle that has the same skin plumping effective, resulting in more youthful, lifted skin.


LIFTING Elevates your Mood and Mental Agility


Amples studies have been completed on the effects strength training has on the brain, and the results are astounding. From anxiety reduction to cognitive function to easing memory loss, research shows lifting can veritably improve your overall brain health, focus, and ability. It will even have a natural effect on your overall mood and self image.