Photo cred: Isaac James

LIFTONIC proudly welcomed Lauren Bustos — a professional footballing, passionate group fitness enthusiast armed with a personal training certification from NASM, and two group fitness certifications from ACE, and AXLE — to the fam in early 2017. With a vivacious spirit and palpable love of health and fitness, she is a rockstar addition to the LIFTONIC tribe. Read on for her story, background, and what drew her to the LIFTONIC method.


“The journey is the most important part to the destination, and so it’s important to understand and accept the fact that nothing is going to change overnight, but it will change if you put in the time to stay on the grind.”


A SoCal native, Lauren’s fervor for a healthy and active lifestyle began early in her formative years, taking up soccer at a young five years old. She competed in Division 1 at Fordham University in the Bronx (even taking it to the pro level in Spain upon graduation), while also immersing herself in the gamut of group fitness classes in NYC, from barre to boot camp. Post soccer years, her professional future became imminently clear:


“And then it clicked! I figured that all I really wanted to do was share my passion for living life healthy and vivaciously, which I could do by teaching.”




With her extensive experience across a wide genre of fitness types and a wealth of workout certifications, Lauren had ample teaching options and opportunities. But after a trip to the LIFTONIC studio and learning from owner/founder Radan Sturm on why he created the LIFTONIC method, she was all in and ready to get in motion.

“Radan explained the idea behind the birth of LIFTONIC; it’s the only fitness class out there that solely uses weight-based resistance training to help its members burn off fat and build muscles that are lean and strong. This method, combined with the hot house music plus creative exercise choreography, just made so much sense in mind as something that’s going to be a winner. People love good music and a challenging workout that’s satiating and effective. I knew this was going to be a fun opportunity and couldn’t wait to get started.”


A staunch advocate of healthy living from progress on the bench to what’s on your plate, Lauren is dedicated to ensuring every client gets the most out of each and every workout. She’s going to make time in the studio a blast without sacrificing form and effectiveness, and she reminds her clients to remain positive and steadfast. For LIFTONIC newbies, she offers:


“Make a firm decision for change. Be curious. Remember to stay patient and determined. Because in the end, you’ve got this.”


Remember, if you’re new to LIFTONIC, try the class for only $17. Also be sure to check out to find out when Lauren will be on site, ready to make you leaner, stronger, and healthier.