What is it:


LT 30 is a 30-day intense diet and exercise program. It will take 100% dedication, focus and grit, but it is guaranteed to transform your body.


How it works: 

1) Motivation –
You must commit to 20 LIFTONIC class in 30 days. If you do not complete 20 classes in that time period you will be penalized $20 for each uncompleted class.
2) Accountability –
You must follow our diet guidelines fully. You will be partnered with a buddy as well as a LIFTONIC instructor with whom you’ll share everything you eat and drink. The instructor will guide you every step along the way.
3) Results –
You must take before and after photos of yourself. Either keep them for your own records or better still, send them to us for safe keeping.

What you get:


  • Unlimited LIFTONIC class for the duration of the challenge
  • Unlimited one on one guidance from a LIFTONIC instructor to keep your diet on track
  • Guaranteed results!



$350 (just $17.50 per class!)

If you have any questions email us at info@liftonic.com