Worried about hitting a fitness plateau? Not on our bench.

To ensure you continue to maximize your progress on the bench, LIFTONIC releases a new  exercises each month in each of the four workouts:

Chest, Back & Shoulders

Legs & Butt

Arms & Abs

Full Body

Your muscles are challenged through controlled sets of weight exercises together with specific active rest movements for MAX results. The dumbbell exercises build and tone muscle, while active rest keeps your heart rate and ensures a well balanced workout.


In-between sets, rather than just sitting and resting, the LIFTONIC method incorporates specific movements that are designed to help the worked muscles recover quicker. By continuing to work at a reduced intensity the body is better able to get rid of lactic acid, speeding up your recovery between sets and allowing you to push harder during your weights sets.

“Active rest allows the instructor to design each workout to achieve a specific goal. Whether it is by adding Pilates or Yoga movements or incorporating body-weight calisthenics- each workout will challenge the body in a unique way,” – Radan, LIFTONIC found and trainer.