Summer is in full swing in New York City. Outdoor patios and rooftops are abuzz, bottomless brunch specials are aplenty, and the timing is perfect for short weekend getaways to escape the heat and droves of summer tourists. And while the year’s warmest months certainly boast more active outdoor activities, its temptations can also slowly eat at your fitness progress, one mimosa or Saturday in the Hamptons at a time. So to fight back, we’ve compiled five ways to help keep your health and fitness goals on track this season.


Shift a Few Workouts to the Morning


If you have the kind of rock-solid willpower to never miss an afternoon workout, then you’re good to go. But with all the happy hours, outdoor theatre, open air markets, rooftop BBQs, et al., it can sometimes be tempting to put off your workout until the next day. Or the next. If that happens to you, try shifting a few sweat sessions each week to first thing in the am to ensure you’ll get it done. LIFTONIC offers classes before 10am five days a week, so you can knock it out early and enjoy the rest of your day.


Stay Active on Vacation


Summer getaways are a time to relax and take a break from the routine, but there are absolutely ways to stay energized and active throughout the trip without tiring yourself out. If you’re exploring a new city, sightsee by foot or bike rather than taxi. Opt to take the stairs when you can. If on a nature retreat, go for activities like kayaking, canoeing, hiking or rock climbing. Relaxing on the beach? Strive to take sunset walks. By all means, relax and indulge, but try to incorporate fun activities that will keep you in motion.


Bring Gear with You


It’s tough to find time to go to a gym while on a holiday, but it’s not quite as difficult to find 10 minutes to steal away for a few reps. Resistance bands or an inflatable exercise ball don’t take up very much room in a suitcase, and will give you the flexibility to get a solid few minutes of exercise in every day. If you’re driving, throw a couple dumbbells in the trunk to reach for when you find a slow moment.


Don’t Forget about Hydration


Adequate hydration is a vital component of health and fitness year-round, but you are especially prone to dehydration during the summer months. The American Heart Association tells us, “Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. It helps the muscles work efficiently.” And in the warmer months, you’ll sweat out substantially more H20, so it’s extremely important to amp up your water intake.


Try the LT30 Program for Motivation


Sometimes it helps to have someone hold you accountable, and we’ve got your back. Try LIFTONIC’s LT30 program, guaranteed to give you results. It includes a month of unlimited LIFTONIC classes (with a requirement of at least 20), nutritional guidance, and personal motivation to keep you going throughout the 30 days. Go here for more info and how to sign up.