Whether you’re a seasoned fitness pro or total novice, working out in a group class offers a ton of benefits over hitting the gym solo. Whether you respond to accountability, enjoy getting into a steady fitness routine, or could just use a little help with your form, opting for a group class can give your progress a much-needed boost. Read on for five reasons the LIFTONIC bench can amp up your fitness.


Real progress happens when you push your muscles to 100% fatigue, and that requires tenacity and digging deeper in your workouts. It can be tough. So if you start to tire or feel your energy is low, having a supportive instructor will push you to keep moving when you might call it quits on your own. Plus, in a group setting, you’re much less likely to dip out after only a few minutes.

Structured, Balanced Workouts


At LIFTONIC, every workout is methodically planned, with a balanced warm up, workout, and cool down, intentionally targeting specific muscle groups. That way you receive an effective, structured workout without having to plan your own. Leave the planning up to us, and you can concentrate on pushing yourself harder.

Improve your Form

Proper form is key; if you’re not seeing the results you think you should, poor form could be the culprit. The instructor will not only demonstrate how the exercises should be done, but also help get you moving in the right direction. Plus, lack of results  isn’t the only danger; bad form could potentially lead to injury.

Get into a Steady Fitness Routine


Whether you’re a creature of habit or not, getting into a steady workout routine will ensure you get all your workouts in each week. If you know you have to make a 5:30pm class, you’re much less likely to procrastinate and push it off until later (or not go at all).


Boredom is touted as one of the primary reasons people end up quitting the gym. But changing up your exercises isn’t only going to keep your interest, it will actually help continue your progress. Ever hit a plateau and not known why?. That’s we change up exercises every month so your muscles will respond to new stimuli, and you’ll see a major boost in progress.