“Let’s get pumped up!” Radan, LIFTONIC’s founder and trainer, will call out at the beginning of a LIFTONIC workout. He turns the music up, the lights down low, and demonstrates the first workout which is projected on individual LCD screens above every bench. During class, he’s able to walk around to each individual, assisting with form and providing motivation to push harder through each rep.

This kind of personalized attention is one of the benefits of choosing a small fitness studio over a larger healthclub. More and more Americans are opting out of mega gyms and moving their sweat sessions to boutique studios. Let’s take a look at why boutique fitness studios are becoming so popular, and how they can help you truly achieve your health and fitness goals.

A More Intimate Experience

Walking into a larger health club, you’re one in hundreds, but walk into a boutique studio, and you immediately feel more connected. The workouts are personalized, and you get more one-on-one time with the instructor. This kind of intimate experience can help push you when you’re tired and prevent your enthusiasm for exercising from getting stale.


In a boutique studio, you belong to a small community. A tribe of like-minded individuals with one common goal: to get FIT. Your community can hold you accountable and push you when you need it. But if you just want your time on the bench to be about you and only you, a boutique studio can give you that, too.

Better Quality of Services

Boutique studios aren’t trying to be 25 different things. The LIFTONIC method isn’t a jack of all trades. We don’t spin one minute and box the next. Because we only do one type of workout, we do it right, and therefore you get premium results.

A Tailored Method for Better Results

Boutique studios can eliminate the dreaded plateau. Forget running five miles a day or endless reps in the weight room and wondering why you aren’t seeing results. Every LIFTONIC workout is methodical, designed specifically for toned, lean muscle growth. The workout changes every 30 days to challenge the muscles. Plateaus? Hell no.

Contemporary Vibes

Whether it’s nightclub lighting, pounding music, distinct scents from candles or aromatherapy, etc., boutique studios all have their own distinct vibe. It’s a totally different mood outside of the traditional weight room.