The LIFTONIC bench should never be intimidating. Strength training is a safe, highly effective way to improve your overall health and get a sexy, sculpted physique, but for beginners, we get that it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s why we’re introducing LT101: Introduction to Strength Training for anyone interested in starting a weight training regimen or experienced lifters looking for a refresher course.

What You Can Expect from LT101

LT101 will teach you the LIFTONIC weight training basics with a major focus on technique and weight ranges for each exercise. You will learn how the LIFTONIC method works, correct form when performing LIFTONIC exercises, and how much weight you should be using for each exercise.

When it comes to lifting, it’s the quality of your training that leads to progress. LT101 will leave you feeling confident and able to begin your LIFTONIC classes, and get in the best damn shape of your life.

LT101 will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm, beginning on December 4th.