At LIFTONIC, we’re firm believers in the myriad benefits of LIFTing weights. From your mind to your body, strength training can improve your health and overall wellness in so many ways. It’s stellar for your heart, jumpstarts your metabolism, elevates your mood, and makes you less prone to injury. Want to shine bright like a diamond? Lifting even makes your skin glow.

But let’s talk about a huge reason people begin to workout – to lose weight and get lean. Many people still believe that cardio is the best avenue to a leaner body, but studies show that strength training is actually better for fat loss. So if you’re looking to sculpt a lean physique, here are four reasons to add lifting to your regular workout regimen.

You continue to burn calories long after the workout is over

After a long cardio session, you stop burning calories the moment you take off your running shoes. But with lifting, you continue to burn calories long after you put the dumbbell back on the rack. That’s because your body is working to replenish and rebuild the muscles that you just worked. That’s why we push your muscles to 100% fatigue at LIFTONIC, so you’ll achieve max calorie-burning aftermath.

Lifting is better for boosting your metabolism

Because you continue to burn calories long after the workout is over, your resting metabolic rate increases. So if you think your metabolism is getting sluggish, the LIFTONIC method will rev it right back up.

You build lean muscle

Although lifting and cardio might help you lose a similar amount of pounds on the scale, cardio can diminish both muscle and fat. Lifting, however, burns fat and increases the density of your muscles. Research shows its the best type of exercise to change the physical makeup and shape of your body. Meaning: you’ll look far better in your skinny jeans then with a cardio plan alone.

Less stress on your joints

Running and other forms of cardio can place a great deal of stress on the joints. Since the LIFTONIC Method uses slow, controlled movements and pilates-style exercises, it’s gentle on your joints and bones.