LT30 –Evolve Your Self In 30 Days

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LT30 is the most intense LIFTONIC experience

Transform your body in 30 days

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How It Works

Before and After

1) Assessment – We complete before and after assessments involving photos, measurements and a strength test. 

2) Diet – You must follow our nutritional guidelines which are based on no sugar, no dairy and no processed foods.

3) Accountability- You will be required to post pictures of everything you eat and drink to a private Facebook page which is shared between you, your fellow participants and your LIFTONIC Coach.


You Commit to take 20 LIFTONIC Classes in 30 days


You commit to TEXT Everything You are about to eat or drink to your LIFTONIC Accountability Instructor


  • Unlimited LIFTONIC Classes
  • Support and Guidance from LIFTONIC Instructors
  • A Customized 30 Day Nutrition Plan

Getting Started

The Cost is $375

Fill Out This Form and We’ll Contact You to Get Started

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