“LIFTONIC has changed the way I think and feel about exercise. It’s 50 minutes of pure joy mixed with a well-crafted weight training technique that has improved every muscle in my body, including my heart. It’s inspiring to see how each instructor brings their individual expertise to every class. The best part is that the community is so welcoming. It’s like having a personal trainer with all your best friends coming along for the ride.  At my first Liftonic class, Radan told me he wanted to help me get into the best shape of my life.  It’s been only three months and LIFTONIC has already made it happen”

-Scott F.


“This place rocks! The instructors are fantastic – they take the time to walk around the room and correct your form! I just finished my 5th class and I already notice a huge difference in my form, endurance in class, and look and feel of my muscles. Cardio, weight training this place has it all!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

– Alex V.


“I’ve been weight training for a while and even though i know how to weight train, I find the gym to be boring and inefficient. I don’t like waiting for a weight bench or working in with someone else. At this place, you get your own bench and can continuously work through various exercises. The workout is basic weight training with dumbbells interspersed with Pilates inspired core training on the bench. The emphasis in every class is on building a strong core and keeping the abs contracted and the back on the bench during the exercises. This is essential for safely working toward heavier loads.

The workouts are changed on a monthly basis and each instructor does their own variation. The price point for a monthly membership is very reasonable and enables consistency. It’s a bargain for the availability of parts based (chest/back, arms/abs, legs/butt/shoulders) and full body workouts that are supervised and created by knowledgeable trainers. Furthermore the workout is low impact and can be modified for injuries.

This is a great place to develop consistent weight training habits and proper form.”

Vanessa R.


“I absolutely love Liftonic! This workout is the perfect addition to my ClassPass gym routine. I love how it’s mostly strength because I tend to do cardio on my own. The instructors are amazing – so energetic and informative. The music is great too!!”

-Mia J.


“Liftonic is an awesome class for lifting and toning! The studio is clean, modern, welcoming and spacious. I’ve taken classes with all of the instructors and they all have their own personal touch, but make sure to provide an excellent workout each and every time. After taking one class, I immediately put my ClassPass on hold and signed up for a month of unlimited classes. Definitely worth checking out this studio!”

-Victoria W.


“This studio is great, I would highly recommend. The class specializes in weightlifting but in between reps the instructor has you do “active rest” movements to keep your heart rate up which definitely gives you a cardio boost.   I decided to do the 30 day unlimited and during that time I could tell that I was getting stronger, all the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and make sure you are doing the movements correctly. My personal favorites were Courtney and Radan.”

-Chantal R.


“I’ve been looking for a weight training class for a while, and Liftonic is ticks all the boxes. Everyone has their own bench, which means there’s no over-crowding, or lack of personal space, which I’ve found with many NYC classes. The workouts are varied and targeted, offering full body, arms & abs, legs & butts, etc. Radan is an excellent instructor, pushing you to lift heavier, but always ensuring correct form. It’s sweaty, focused and challenging…truly addictive!”

-Lucy J.